Use Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up administration

I’ve been using computers for rather a long time now (it must be over 20 years!) and when I started there was a lot more emphasis on using a keyboard rather than a mouse.

Sometimes I am asked how I do things so quickly and one of my tips is to use Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you are selecting text and then copying or cutting and pasting it is easy to do with the following keystrokes (pressing two or more at the same time):

  • Ctrl A – will select everything – if you have a page of text you want to copy select this.
  • Press  Shift and End and that will select everything on the line you are currently in
  • Shift Ctrl and End will select everything on the line you are currently in and everything beyond this to the end of the document
  • Shift and Right Arrow will select a word and pressing again selects the next word. This also works with Shift and Left Arrow if you want to go in the opposite direction
  • Ctrl C copies what you have selected or  Ctrl X will cut the selection
  • Ctrl V pastes what you have selected

If you want to print try Ctrl P

If you want to make something stand out then Ctrl B will make it bold

To bring up Windows Explorer use the Windows key  and E

If you want to minimize all your open windows and show the desktop again try Windows key  and M

If you would like to learn more about keyboard shortcuts or MS Windows in general and have a personal training session please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.