Top 5 Free tools

Here are 5 of the most useful tools I have found:

  1. Skype – invaluable for free phone calls to anyone who uses Skype (and there are currently 27.6 million and counting). You can also choose to add credit to your account to call non Skype users and also pay for a Skype Online number which means callers can ring you on Skype wherever you are in the world.
  2. Dropbox – great for sharing files between computers and backing up files online
  3. Evernote – your one stop shop for note taking (see my previous post on this one).
  4. Join Me – if you need to share your screen with someone or remotely control theirs (I did this with my brother in Australia recently to reinstall Skype for them)
  5. Facetime – one for Apple users – free calls from one Apple device to another (an imac, ipod, iphone, ipad etc). Available from the Apple Store.
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has applications they can’t live without!