Talking Business Workshop

Talking and Winning Business – how to recognise, find and influence customers

Learn how talking business in the right language can help you win business, from existing and potential clients.

Feedback from some of our recent attendees.

  • “Will get me thinking about the type of people I am meeting prior to pitches and adapting content to their preference”
  • “It will help us put together better presentations to bigger prospects which will hopefully improve our conversion rate”
  • “I’ll think about how to approach clients and  how to present to clients”

11365659-1669x2513Our businesses depend on us finding potential customers and persuading them to buy our products and services. People are different so, even when you can find them, it is very easy to get the wires crossed and the words in the wrong order.

  • Find out how to use business networking and social media to locate potential clients
  • How to categorise people so you can easily work out what motivates them
  • How to speak with them in language they understand

Emma Cox

Emma Cox

Emma Cox, of Cox Consultancy, has a background in IT support and training. In recent years she has added social media training to her portfolio. Focusing on LinkedIn, she helps companies, small and large, to use social media effectively. This includes formulating a social media strategy to ensure it allies with business goals and how to identify and communicate with your ideal clients using social media.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to be more successful. It is very satisfying when I see my clients businesses grow”


David Hill, of A Business Compass, enjoyed over 20 years as a successful sales and marketing manager, working with leading edge technology. For the last ten years he has trained people, developing their leadership skills and their team working so that they become more successful in their business and more fulfilled by their work and in their life. After interviewing his clients David designs bespoke training, blending the latest business thinking with the knowledge and experience he has gained from his own career and from training hundreds of people in corporations and public bodies . He always use the context of his clients business so that the learning is more meaningful and instantly transferable to the workplace.

“I am not an academic. The people I work with are already successful and experienced. I just help them see their business from a new perspective and present ideas to get them thinking and then I let them work on these ideas together to find the good stuff for them.”

If you would like us to hold this workshop for your staff or another group of people please get in touch with us