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Evernote 5 – worth upgrading?


evernote 5Evernote 5

Many people will know that I am an enthusiastic user of Evernote. It has replaced sticky notes, I clip webpages, write directly in it and send emails to it so I can store everything in one place.

I’ve paid for the premium version as I share notebooks with other people.

Evernote have just released version 5. I’ve had the pre-release version for a few weeks now and it looks very different. It took me a while to find a few things and I thought I’d give you a headsup and save you some time.


evernote favouritesFavourites bar has been replaced by shortcuts

This confused me until I found it. I used to have links to my favourite notes on the favourites bar at the top of the Evernote window. This has changed to be shortcuts at the top left of the window. Your favourites will not get transferred across so you will need to locate them again (a good reason for putting tags on notes!)






Evernote have put a new feature called Announcements top left. This is basically their blog and it is being used to let people know about

  • Tips and Features
  • App Updates
  • Stories

It’s worth reading them to find out the latest features and if you need help.

The Evernote Interface

Interface might seem like an odd word but basically it means the way it looks and works. This has been simplified to make your content stand out.

Card View Mode

You can switch between different views. The card view mode allows you to easily see the first image within your post which should make it easier to find.

Related Notes

If you are a Premium User then Evernote 5 will display Related Notes below the one you are viewing.


Reminders can be added and notes can be sorted by date.

Is it worth upgrading?

I think it is worth it, just bear in mind it may take you a little while to get used to the changes to the interface.


To install and upgrade to the latest version of Evernote go to http://evernote.com/evernote/

If you already have it installed then go to Help, Check for Updates within Evernote.

If you want to know about the latest releases before they are released to the public go to Options and click on the box to ‘Update to pre-release version when available. You will then be asked to confirm this.

update to pre-release evernote evernote beta









I couldn’t work without Evernote. How do you use it?