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Effective LinkedIn | How to use tags to organise your contacts in LinkedIn

This post will show you how to use tags to organise your contacts in LinkedIn.

Did you know you can create your own tags for your contacts in LinkedIn? And that a contact can have multiple tags?

It’s easy to do and will help you manage your contacts and communicate better with your connections.

Connecting with a new contact

When you first connect with somebody on LinkedIn you are asked how you know them:

  • Colleague
  • Classmate
  • We’ve done business together
  • Friend
  • Other
  • I don’t know John

Whichever option you choose then becomes the tag associated with your new contact.

Editing the tag

Click on Contacts | Connections and a list of your contacts will be displayed. You will see a list of your current tags on the left hand side. The video shows you how to add and remove a tag.

To add a new tag

Click on Manage tags (next to the list of current tags) and you can then add a new one by entering the name and clicking on Add New Tag and Finished when done.










You can then send an update to a selection of your contacts using one or more tags by clicking on the Send Message option which appears once you have selected a contact





How could you setup your tags in LinkedIn? Send me a comment below

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Effective LinkedIn | How to change the frequency of email updates from groups

LinkedIn defaults to sending daily updates when you subscribe to a group. The video below shows you how to change the frequency of emails from groups from daily to weekly (or vice versa).


For more videos check out the Cox Consultancy YouTube channel.

Do you actually read the group update emails that LinkedIn sends you? Do you find them useful?

Effective LinkedIn | How to change your public profile URL on LinkedIn

The video below shows you how to change your public profile URL on LinkedIn.



When you first create your profile on LinkedIn it automatically assigns you a public URL. This is the address that someone types (or more commonly copies) into Google when they want to find you in LinkedIn. This address normally contains numbers and other letters after your name and is not easy to remember or type. You can change this address to be more memorable.

Have you managed to update your public profile URL successfully? Have you thought about where you could put this? Some people put them in their email footers or on websites to link directly to you profile. What have you/will you do with yours?