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SnagIt – my second essential business tool

Business Tools

I often recommend tools that help me run my business efficiently to my clients and to other people I meet. My top five are my favourite tools that I use most regularly in my business (and wouldn’t be without). I use them daily (and multiple times per day in some instances)

There are free versions of some of them and others are very reasonably priced for what they allow you to do.

  1. Bit.ly shortens links (see post here)
  2. Snagit for taking screenshots and recording videos
  3. Evernote for note taking and organizing – basically replaces sticky notes and a lot more!
  4. Hootsuite for managing and scheduling social media
  5. FreeAgent for sending invoices to clients and keeping bills and expenses and you can also submit your UK tax return

I will do a separate, detailed blog post for each tool showing you how to use it.

This is the second in my essential business tools series.


Essential for capturing anything on my computer screen. From an icon to a scrolling screen, it works on PC desktops, laptops, mobiles, and Macs. I record videos with it to walk through a step by step process.

All the images in this blog post were captured using Snagit. The main image at the top was then added to Canva (another great tool) and more text and and a logo inserted.

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