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Effective Outlook | How to Manage Outlook using colours

Do you find it difficult to find emails when you have a long list of them in your inbox?

One way around this is to add colours to certain emails to make them stand out.  This is done by using Categories and assigning a colour to each category and then assigning the category to the email. This sounds complicated but it isn’t really.

By assigning a colour to a category you can easily see at a glance which items relate to which category. There are 6 colours already setup and you can add an extra 19, giving 25 in total, more than enough for most people.

Categorising Emails





To set a category simply right click on the email and choose the colour you would like and give it a title. You can also add a keyboard shortcut. Alternatively if the message is open, on the Message tab, in the Options group, click Categorize Button image, and then click a color category

How about assigning a separate colour to your most important clients for their own category so their emails stand out in your inbox?


If you then decide you want to change the colour simply right click and choose All Categories and choose a different colour.

Want to rename the category? right click and choose All Categories, highlight the one you wish to edit and then click on Rename.







It’s just as simple to assign a category to a contact, task or appointment.


On the Contact tab, in the Options group,  click Categorize Button image, and then click a color category.





On the Task tab, in the Options group, click Categorize Button image, and then click a color category.




On the Appointment tab or the Recurring Appointment tab, in the Options group, click Categorize Button image, and then click a color category.


What have you found categories to be most useful for?

This is only a very small part of what Outlook can do. Want to know more? We provide personalised training courses on how to use MS Outlook to streamline your administration.

Outlook | Improve your efficiency |Create an email signature

To make your emails look more professional add a signature to each one.

You can set up the system so it automatically adds it to every new email or reply.

Remember to include:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Company address if appropriate
  • Email address
  • Website (with a link to it)
  • Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) contact details if appropriate plus links to each one
  • Company strapline (a one or two line brief description of your main selling points)
  • Any special offers you would like to publicise.

Using an application such as Outlook allows you to add images such as professional qualifications and company logos. Go to Tools, Options, Mail Format and then click on Signatures to set one up. I use Outlook personally and I include all of the above.

You can set up a different signature for new emails or for replies.

There’s also an application called Wisestamp which can be added into Gmail. This can show your latest tweet as well.