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Getting started on LinkedIn – Part Three – Your LinkedIn contact details

 Getting Started on LinkedIn - P3 Contact details

Getting started on LinkedIn: Part Three – Your LinkedIn Contact Details

Why are your LinkedIn contact details important?

Given that people have an attention span shorter than a goldfish nowadays you need to make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

LinkedIn can add links to your website, multiple Twitter accounts, multiple email addresses, instant messaging such as Skype and WeChat. You can also customise the URL (or public name) that LinkedIn gives you to make it easier to find you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has several contact fields which, by default are not filled in. These include your phone number, address and website, very important information!

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Getting started on LinkedIn – Part Two – Your LinkedIn headline

Getting started on LinkedIn: Part Two – Your LinkedIn Headline

Why is your LinkedIn headline important?

Your LinkedIn headline is a vital part of your LinkedIn profile because:

  • It appears at the top of your profile and is one of the first things people see about you
  • It shows in search results (and if you don’t have a photograph it is the only thing that is shown)
  • It appears next to any comments you make anywhere on LinkedIn (in groups, on other’s status updates etc)
  • It appears on any posts you publish

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Getting started on LinkedIn – Part One – Your profile photograph

Getting Started on LinkedIn

Getting started on LinkedIn: Part One – Your Profile Photograph

I am often asked for tips on how to get started with using LinkedIn effectively. I will be doing a series of blog posts about this.

The first place you need to start is with optimizing your profile.

Why optimize your profile?

Having a fully completed LinkedIn profile has the following benefits:

  • The viewer can find out all about you
  • You outline your skills and expertise
  • Other people also corroborate this via Recommendations and Endorsements

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The Power of Positivity – How to be positive using LinkedIn

thinking positive2Do you believe in positivity?

At a recent workshop for Women in Business I listened to Julia Russell of Flecto International talk about Time Management. One of the things she mentioned was your focus creates your outcomes. Thinking and being positive means that you are energizing yourself, your business and your future in a positive way. There was also an interesting recent post on LinkedIn by JD Gershbein “The Applied Positive Psychology of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Statistics 2014

LinkedIn recently published their 2nd quarter 2014 financial statistics which make for interesting reading.

LinkedIn’s Q2 2014 Earnings (from the Official LinkedIn Blog)

$543 million in revenue – an increase of 47% compared to $364 million in the second quarter of 2013.

  • 60% of income is from Talent Solutions (the paid for LinkedIn recruitment packages)
  • 20% is from Marketing (LinkedIn advertising)
  • 20% is from Premium subscriptions

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LinkedIn – Who’s viewed your profile

New who's viewed your profile

LinkedIn have recently updated the Who’s Viewed Your Profile section to show more information. This applies to the free version as well as the paid version.

LinkedIn Activity

You can now see a graph over the last 90 days. It shows when there is a spike in views or the general trend of views. As you can see from mine here, there were 144 views in total and there was a jump in the middle of January when I received 22 views. I was less active on LinkedIn after this and it dropped back slightly. It started climbing up again in late February when I became more active again.

The graph can also be affected by what you do outside LinkedIn:

  • If you post to your blog and include a link to LinkedIn this may encourage people to view your profile.
  • If you go to a networking meeting and give out lots of business cards with your LinkedIn profile on this may also bring more views.
  • If you are more active in groups then people may check out your profile.
  • If you post more status updates then people may investigate you further
  • If you comment on others posts then that is likely to boost your visibility
  • If you update your profile LinkedIn tells everyone that you are connected with (providing you have the correct settings in your profile)

Who’s viewed your profile?

You can see the total number of views and the first 5 people (free version). If you pay for LinkedIn Premium you should be able to see all of them. If you are connected with them you should see a 1st next to their name. If they are within your network it will show as 2nd, 3rd or group. The number of connections in common will also be displayed. You can choose to connect with someone by clicking on the symbol with a head and a + sign. You then need to personalise the request so they have a reason to connect with you. Click on Send Invitation when done.

offer to connect

Do you check out your Who’s viewed your profile information on LinkedIn? Find out more in the official LinkedIn blog post here

What have you been doing recently that has affected the activity on your profile? Please let me know in the comments below.



New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Microsoft LinkedIn Showcase pages

Microsoft LinkedIn Showcase pages

Microsoft Company and LinkedIn pages

What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

LinkedIn have recently released an update to the Company Pages. Now you can display up to 10 ‘LinkedIn Showcase Pages’ below your main Company Page. Think of it as a separate sub-page linked to your Company Page.

If you are an organization with lots of different brands then you can set each one up separately. Microsoft’s Showcase pages are a great example of this. The audience for Microsoft Office is very different from Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Lync. As you can see in the image to the right, there are different numbers of followers for each page. Clicking on either of the images will take you to the Microsoft LinkedIn pages.

I’ve setup two for Cox Consultancy so far .  One for LinkedIn Training Days and one for LinkedIn Showcase Pages.  Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

microsoft office linkedin showcase page

Microsoft Office LinkedIn Showcase page

Main benefits

  • Each LinkedIn Showcase page can have its own followers
  • Share different articles on each page
  • Each page can have different administrators
  • Each page has its own analytics/statistics



The Microsoft Office page shows announcements, introductions, events, product updates, company news and lots more.

How could I use a Showcase page?

A few ideas for using Showcase pages

  • An estate agency with multiple offices could setup separate Showcase pages for each office and promote the houses for sale in different locations
  • If you run a regular event you could setup a separate page
  • A multinational with separate brands could have individual pages
  • Updates for a high profile project

Tips for using LinkedIn Showcase pages

  • Ensure your header image is attractive and eye-catching and change it as often as appropriate
  • Put an attractive image in each post
  • Post consistently (daily is best, weekly is acceptable)
  • Consider doing Sponsored Updates (this is LinkedIn’s advertising facility)

How do I setup a Showcase Page

To setup your own LinkedIn Showcase page go to lnkd.in/showcasepages. Follow the prompts and it is very similar to setting up a Company Page.

How could you use a LinkedIn Showcase page within your organization? Please let me know in the comments below.




LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase pages

Have you checked out the new LinkedIn Showcase Pages yet? If not, I highly recommend you do.

It’s a new feature (launched today!) which allows you to create a page for a specific product or service.

  • This page can have its own followers, create its own updates and has separate analytics so you can measure how popular it is.
  • Images and links can be added to the updates in the same way as an update on your existing company page or personal profile.
  • They can be shared with all of your followers or a subsection (this latter option depends upon the page having 100+ followers).
  • Updates can be pinned to the top of the page so they remain visible.

Different ideas for ways to use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

  • Promote a new product or service
  • Promote an event you are running
  • Highlight the work done by a particular department of your organization, for example, customer services
  • Any special offers you may be running

With all of these, ensure you have a dedicated page on your website that you can link to the LinkedIn Showcase Page.

How to setup a LinkedIn Showcase Page

Firstly you will need to have an existing Company Page setup for your organization. Go into the Company Page and click on the down arrow next to the Edit button. Then click on Get Started.
LinkedIn Showcase page1

      LinkedIn Showcase page get started


Name your page and add any additional administrators and click on Create Page when done.

Then add the following:

  • An eye catching image with the following dimensions. PNG, JPEG or GIF up to 2mb in size. Image must be 974 x 330 pixels or larger. Crop it, if necessary, once you have uploaded it.
  • Page description (up to 200 characters).
  • Any additional administrators (you need to be connected to them to add them)
  • The link to the relevant page on your company website.
  • Choose the relevant industry sector
  • Your logo
  • Up to 3 LinkedIn groups you would like to feature on this page (you must be a manager or a member of each group)

Click on Publish once finished and your page will be available.

Follow your page

Follow your page so updates appear in your Home stream and you can share them if appropriate.


Examples of existing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Some global brands have already created LinkedIn Showcase Pages

How can you use these new Showcase pages to help promote your organization? Please let me know in the comments below.


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