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Changes to LinkedIn Groups

big changes to linkedin groups

LinkedIn recently sent out an email to all group managers announcing significant changes to the way that LinkedIn groups are setup and run.

If you have your own LinkedIn group you need to be aware of them and choose how you want the group to be setup. Read more »

Updates to LinkedIn Messaging

updates to LinkedIn messaging

LinkedIn have released a new version of Messaging which is gradually being rolled out globally.

Mine has been updated and there are some important changes that I need to make you aware of. Some of the changes are good and some are bad.

Messages sorted by sender

Messages are now sorted by the sender’s name with most recent first, rather than Inbox, Received and Archived.

Messages are now shown as a conversation. When you click on one which makes it easier to see who said what and when.

new linkedin messagesThe sender’s profile photograph also appears in this list. Another reason to have a good profile photo and it helps to build trust and recognition. To read other reasons why you should have a profile photo take a look at this blog post.

Your connection requests have moved

Connection requests are no longer visible under Messages.

They are now only accessible when you hover over the silhouette with a number next to it top right of the LinkedIn screen.

LI new connection requests2

However something important to note here.

DON’T click on Add Connections – this will then go into your email and want to connect up with everyone from there. Click on See all and all the connection requests will be visible.

LI new connection requests


Shared Messages visible to all

You cannot hide the LinkedIn contact details from other people in a shared message. Previously you could do this but it is no longer available. This means that everyone you send a joint message to will be able to see everyone else’s LinkedIn details and will be able to contact them.

Personally I do not like this as I think that this is an invasion of privacy. My LinkedIn network is made up of the people I choose to add to it and not people who may be given my details by someone else.

Please don’t use emoticons

You can add a photograph or attach a file to a message which is good but there is also an awful emoticon option to add to messages now. Please DON’T use it as it does not look professional and is more suited to the likes of Facebook.

What do you think of the new LinkedIn Messaging?

Do you think it is an improvement? Please let me know in the comments below.