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Save Favourite Tweets to Evernote

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Twitter is a great resource but sometimes it can be difficult to find information from a while ago. You can Favourite a Tweet so it becomes an online filing system.

Have you ever wanted to save Favourite tweets so you can find them easily?

A recent blog post from Evernote alerted me to an easy way to do this. All you need is an Evernote account and an IFTTT account.

You may not have heard of IFTTT which stands for “if not this then that”. This is a simple tool to join two systems together. In this case I have chosen Evernote as it is one of my essential business tools for keeping random and not so random information well organized.

Step 1 – Setup your Evernote Account

  1. Go to www.evernote.com and sign up for a free account.
  2. Confirm your email address

Evernote works by saving emails, clipping webpages, audio files and lots more in easy to search notes which in turn are saved within notebooks. Each note is ‘tagged’ with one or more labels which you use to find it afterwards. It’s great for projects, planning events, writing books and lots more but this post isn’t actually about Evernote so onto the next step.

Step 2 – Setup your IFTTT Account

  1. Go to www.ifttt.com and sign up for a free account
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Login to IFTTT

Step 3 – Connect Evernote and ITFFF

  1. Choose Channels
  2. Click on Evernote
  3. Click on Activate
  4. Grant Access
  5. You will receive a confirmation email that Evernote has allowed IFTTT to access your account

Step 4 – Create your IFTTT ‘recipe’ to save your favourite tweets

Using IFTTT this is really easy (it took me less than 5 minutes to setup my first recipe and that included connecting Evernote and Twitter)

  • Choose Create a Recipe or New personal recipe
  • Click on this (in blue) within IFTTT
  • Click on Choose Trigger and choose Twitter
  • Authorise Twitter (if not already done)
  • Click on that (in blue) within IFTTT
  • Click on Choose Trigger and choose Evernote
  • Authorise Evernote (if not already done)
  • Click on New Favorite Tweet by You
  • Say where to save the tweets (Choose a New Note or Append to a Note – I think the latter is better as everything is saved in one place)
  • Create Action when done
  • Finally click on Create Recipe
  • Test it by favouriting a tweet (and wait for around 20-30 minutes to allow for synchronization) and then check your notebook in Evernote to see it is there.

You’re done! You now know how to save favourite tweets to Evernote using IFTTT.

Your recipe should look something like this (it depends on what you called your Evernote notebook) and this is what it looks like in Evernote below.

IFTTT Recipe

IFTTT Recipe


The result in Evernote

The result in Evernote














Please share your experiences of using IFTTT with us below