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Effective LinkedIn ¦ What is a LinkedIn Endorsement?

What is a LinkedIn endorsement?

LinkedIn endorsements are a new feature released over the last month or so and this article gives you some background information on what they are and how they work. Every time you look at a profile on LinkedIn nowadays a box appears and asks whether you want to endorse the person for a particular skill.

  • An endorsement is a quick way to endorse a particular skill rather than spending time crafting a recommendation.
  • Any endorsements you receive then appear in your status updates and LinkedIn notify you via email.
  • Anyone can suggest a skill and endorse you for it and you can choose whether or not to display it

How do I endorse someone?

endorsements for sliderIt is simple to endorse someone and LinkedIn actively promotes endorsements by displaying a ‘Does this person have this skills?’ box at the top of the screen and suggests skills to endorse.

The easiest way to endorse someone is to go to Skills & Expertise on their public profile and click on the + symbol next to the skill you wish to endorse. Your LinkedIn profile photo will then appear next to that skill to show you have endorsed them (if it is a recognised skill) and if you hover over the skill LinkedIn will tell you how popular it is. Or you can use the suggestions LinkedIn provides and click on the suggestions.

Although search does not include endorsements of a skill at present I believe that LinkedIn will be adding this feature in future so if someone had more endorsements they would appear higher in the results list.

Why should I endorse someone?

  • If you endorse someone then your profile photograph appears next to the endorsement and anyone who hovers over this picture will see more information about you so it’s another way to promote yourself.
  • Most people will reciprocate.

Why should I have endorsements on my profile?

  • It’s another way to demonstrate your expertise. The higher the number next to the endorsement means that people really believe you an expert in that particular skill.
  • Everyone is doing it so you don’t want to be left out!
Some points to note:
  1. You need to have Skills and Expertise showing on your profile.
  2. You do not have to accept endorsements (For some reason LinkedIn keeps suggesting MS Project is one of my skills and lots of people keep endorsing me. Whilst this is something I have done in the past, I do not wish to attract new clients for this so I have chosen to hide the skill so that is is not displayed otherwise it would have become my top skill. I have asked LinkedIn if they can stop suggesting it to other people but they tell me that they will suggest it to the developers and it ‘may’ happen ‘at some point’. So I keep ignoring the suggestions)
  3. You do not have any control over the order in which they are displayed other than the popularity of the endorsement.
  4. You can choose to delete an endorsement but once deleted it cannot be added again tThis does not apply to a skill simply the individual endorsement)
If you would like to know more about endorsements or how to use LinkedIn effectively then I run personalised training courses and workshops. Please contact me for further details.
I would love to hear how you are using endorsements so feel free to add some comments below.