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Effective LinkedIn ¦ how to access the new LinkedIn contacts

contacts.linkedin.comLinkedIn recently opened up the new version of contacts to everybody but there hasn’t been any publicity so you may not be aware of it. It is a great improvement on the old system and I recommend that everyone upgrade to it. The image on the right will take you to the site but you may want to read the rest of this post first!


LinkedIn CRM

The new version acts more like a CRM (customer relationship management) system and allows you to put notes, multiple tags, reminders, where you met your contact and who introduced you. It also shows any messages the contact has sent you.

example contact









To access the new LinkedIn contacts

To get access to the system go to contacts.linkedin.com and click on Get Started. This will then upgrade your version of contacts. (It may take a few minutes depending upon the number of contacts you have)

You also have the option to import contact details from your email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

I would be interested to hear what you think of the new version. I personally think it is a clearer display and the extra options help me be more organised. What about you?