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IT Tip No 2 | MS Office | Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is one of the most useful tools within MS Office. It sits at the top of each window and gives you access to ANY shortcut within the application.

The default buttons are a good start but you can add so much more to it. You can also change the order in which they are displayed.

My Word 2007 toolbar below shows the shortcuts I use on a regular basis. You can see Open, New, Save, Save As, Undo, Redo, Quick Print, Print Preview, Sort A to Z, Sort Z to A, Use a form, Insert a hyperlink and Switch Windows.

Quick Access Toolbar

To add a new shortcut or to reorder them click on the arrow on the far right of the toolbar and then More Commands

To reorder highlight the shortcut you want to move and click the up or down arrow on the right and click on OK when done.

To add a Popular Command highlight the shortcut you want to add and then click on Add and click on OK when done.

To add a shortcut from All Commands click on Popular Commands and then choose All Commands and go down the list until you find the one you want and then click on Add, reorder if necessary by clicking on the up and down arrows and click on OK when done.

The above steps apply to any MS Office application from version 2007 onwards but MS Outlook does not have the Quick Access Toolbar unless you use Word as your email editor.

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