The Power of Positivity – How to be positive using LinkedIn

thinking positive2Do you believe in positivity?

At a recent workshop for Women in Business I listened to Julia Russell of Flecto International talk about Time Management. One of the things she mentioned was your focus creates your outcomes. Thinking and being positive means that you are energizing yourself, your business and your future in a positive way. There was also an interesting recent post on LinkedIn by JD Gershbein “The Applied Positive Psychology of LinkedIn

Both of these have made me think about ways to use LinkedIn to enhance things for yourself and others.

Try these tips to be positive in your use of LinkedIn

Give endorsements to others

If you don’t have much time, a quick endorsement of someone’s skills is a good way to say thanks for a job well done.

Give recommendations

If you have 10 minutes spare recommend someone for a job well done. It’s easy to do and much appreciated by the recipient (especially if they have not requested a recommendation)

Share others’ posts

If you read a post that contains useful information that you believe your connections would benefit from then share it with them.

‘Like’ others’ posts

It’s very encouraging to get likes and shares on your posts on LinkedIn. It means someone is actually reading them! Plus they like what they are reading.

Comment on others’ posts

Adding a useful comment to a post helps encourage others to continue writing.

Share your knowledge for free

If there is some news in your industry or a quick tip that you can give then share it with your connections in a post.

Answer questions in groups

Monitor your groups and if you can useful information add to a discussion do so

Write articles

If you are part of the early adopters of the long form posts  (these are the ones that stick on your profile – see here for an example of a great article on Positivity from Brian Junyor) then share more of your knowledge with your connections. You can also have followers of your posts. If you haven’t yet got access to this, don’t worry, LinkedIn will be releasing it to everyone gradually.

It is also a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

Have you any other tips on how to be positive in using LinkedIn (or any other social media)? What has worked for you?