New LinkedIn status bar

Recently LinkedIn announced significant changes to the look and feel of the site and the LinkedIn status bar is a major part of this.

Today I have been given access to the new status bar and I wanted to share it with you so you are familiar with it when it is rolled out to you.

new status bar



Your settings

These have been moved and now appear when you hover over your photograph (top right) and are called Privacy and Settings. To access them click on the Review button. Everything is still the same after this point so you can change your password here, check what information you are sharing and add and remove email addresses.


Invitations and Notifications







These have been moved to the far right of the new status bar. Hovering over each will show you how many invitations and messages, or separately, how many notifications you have.


Add Connections

add connections


This is a new button which allows you to invite your email contacts to connect with you on LinkedIn.




New Menu items

home menu



The menu items have been simplified and there are fewer of them. Gone are the options to view and edit profile. This has been replaced by a single item called Edit Profile.

Contacts and Add Connections are now shown under Network.

Clicking on Interests gives access to Companies, Groups and Influencers. Clicking on Influencers will take you to LinkedIn Today.

interests new





LinkedIn Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrading to one of the paid versions of LinkedIn, these now have separate menu items below the new status bar on the top right of your screen.

What do you think of the new changes? Do you think the site will be easier to use? Please reply in the comments below.