New LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Microsoft LinkedIn Showcase pages

Microsoft Company and LinkedIn pages

What is a LinkedIn Showcase Page?

LinkedIn have recently released an update to the Company Pages. Now you can display up to 10 ‘LinkedIn Showcase Pages’ below your main Company Page. Think of it as a separate sub-page linked to your Company Page.

If you are an organization with lots of different brands then you can set each one up separately. Microsoft’s Showcase pages are a great example of this. The audience for Microsoft Office is very different from Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Lync. As you can see in the image to the right, there are different numbers of followers for each page. Clicking on either of the images will take you to the Microsoft LinkedIn pages.

I’ve setup two for Cox Consultancy so far .  One for LinkedIn Training Days and one for LinkedIn Showcase Pages.  Let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

microsoft office linkedin showcase page

Microsoft Office LinkedIn Showcase page

Main benefits

  • Each LinkedIn Showcase page can have its own followers
  • Share different articles on each page
  • Each page can have different administrators
  • Each page has its own analytics/statistics



The Microsoft Office page shows announcements, introductions, events, product updates, company news and lots more.

How could I use a Showcase page?

A few ideas for using Showcase pages

  • An estate agency with multiple offices could setup separate Showcase pages for each office and promote the houses for sale in different locations
  • If you run a regular event you could setup a separate page
  • A multinational with separate brands could have individual pages
  • Updates for a high profile project

Tips for using LinkedIn Showcase pages

  • Ensure your header image is attractive and eye-catching and change it as often as appropriate
  • Put an attractive image in each post
  • Post consistently (daily is best, weekly is acceptable)
  • Consider doing Sponsored Updates (this is LinkedIn’s advertising facility)

How do I setup a Showcase Page

To setup your own LinkedIn Showcase page go to Follow the prompts and it is very similar to setting up a Company Page.

How could you use a LinkedIn Showcase page within your organization? Please let me know in the comments below.