Latest LinkedIn updates and new features


There have been many changes to LinkedIn in 2017. The look and feel of it is very different and there are lots of features that have been removed or reinstated and some have been added.

I’ve put together a summary of latest LinkedIn updates.

July Roundup

LinkedIn have published a roundup of recent changes in their weekly blog.

  • These include a new version of LinkedIn for Windows 10 users.
  • You will soon be able to record and post videos directly from your LinkedIn feed.
  • One change to note is that any articles you write are now visible to people outside LinkedIn if you share a link on another social media platform.
  • Premium members now have access to a central ‘hub’ where you can get to all your premium features.


New Premium LinkedIn Monthly Digest

For people who pay for a Premium LinkedIn subscription. This brand new newsletter popped into my email today with details of new features some of which are for everyone and some only for Premium subscribers. This is what I now see when I go to my new Premium hub. (Premium’s not for everyone, you do need to be making use of LinkedIn to justify the cost)

latest LinkedIn updates for Premium usersNotifications

The Notifications tab on LinkedIn is where you can go to access timely and relevant updates about your network, where you can see activity about you, the content you’ve shared, and your connections. Notifications can help you start a conversation and connect to new career opportunities — we show you job listings you may be interested in, updates when someone you know starts a new position, details on who you’re meeting with next, and much more.

Daily Rundown – To help you stay in the know on the top news of the day, we are rolling out a Daily Rundown notification that gives you a summary of the top news. Easily arm yourself with the top headlines and stories your coworkers will be talking about today.

Search Appearances – You’ll now start receiving a weekly notification on how many people found you from a LinkedIn search, as well as the top companies your searchers work at. This notification helps you understand how you’re being discovered so that you can optimize your profile for the opportunities you want to be found for.

New Notifications Features to Stay Up-to-Date on Your Network and Your Activity.


LinkedIn Calendar Sync

LinkedIn will now sync your email calendar with your LinkedIn connections and alert you about upcoming meetings and remind you to follow up or connect afterwards.


Updates now posts and posts now articles

Linked has changed the name of the ‘things’ (for want of a better word) that you share on their system.

You used to do an update and this is now called a post. Same length of words allowed.

Posts are now called articles. This is the equivalent of writing a blog post on LinkedIn. I recommend a minimum of 300 words for your article to ensure you deliver an effective message. These are permanently attached to your profile and can be viewed by going to Me and then Posts and Activity.

latest LinkedIn updates posts and other activity


Make Your Posts Stand Out by Adding Multiple Photos

Add multiple photos to your posts. This is what updates are called now (not to be confused with articles which are the long blogs which are permanently attached to your profile). Now available on iOS. Android and desktop to follow shortly.

latest LinkedIn updates - add multiple photos

Soon to be launched – LinkedIn Demographics

Find out more information about your website visitors and check your marketing is working. Introducing LinkedIn Website Demographics. This is a free tool which will be rolled out shortly.

latest LinkedIn updates - Website Demographics






Over to you…

What do you think of all the changes? Do you like/dislike any of them? Please let me know in the comments below.