LinkedIn – Who’s viewed your profile

New who's viewed your profile

LinkedIn have recently updated the Who’s Viewed Your Profile section to show more information. This applies to the free version as well as the paid version.

LinkedIn Activity

You can now see a graph over the last 90 days. It shows when there is a spike in views or the general trend of views. As you can see from mine here, there were 144 views in total and there was a jump in the middle of January when I received 22 views. I was less active on LinkedIn after this and it dropped back slightly. It started climbing up again in late February when I became more active again.

The graph can also be affected by what you do outside LinkedIn:

  • If you post to your blog and include a link to LinkedIn this may encourage people to view your profile.
  • If you go to a networking meeting and give out lots of business cards with your LinkedIn profile on this may also bring more views.
  • If you are more active in groups then people may check out your profile.
  • If you post more status updates then people may investigate you further
  • If you comment on others posts then that is likely to boost your visibility
  • If you update your profile LinkedIn tells everyone that you are connected with (providing you have the correct settings in your profile)

Who’s viewed your profile?

You can see the total number of views and the first 5 people (free version). If you pay for LinkedIn Premium you should be able to see all of them. If you are connected with them you should see a 1st next to their name. If they are within your network it will show as 2nd, 3rd or group. The number of connections in common will also be displayed. You can choose to connect with someone by clicking on the symbol with a head and a + sign. You then need to personalise the request so they have a reason to connect with you. Click on Send Invitation when done.

offer to connect

Do you check out your Who’s viewed your profile information on LinkedIn? Find out more in the official LinkedIn blog post here

What have you been doing recently that has affected the activity on your profile? Please let me know in the comments below.