LinkedIn Training for businesses

Does your organization need help with using LinkedIn effectively?

We work with businesses to help them understand how to leverage LinkedIn to attract more of their ideal clients.

LinkedIn has over 500 million users worldwide (as at 2018) with 21million+ in the UK and 2 new people join every second.

Are your employees giving the right impression of your organization on their LinkedIn profiles?

As well as personal profiles, LinkedIn also gives businesses the opportunity to setup a Company Page to share company news and information.

Each page can have its own audience and different messages can be given to each audience. We show you the best ways to engage with your followers so you gain new company clients.

Use a page to promote

  • Company news
  • Company events
  • Company podcasts
  • Share blog posts from your website
  • Job vacancies
  • Products and/or services your company offers to your followers
  • Brands or events to separate audiences
  • Special offers


  • Add videos
  • Analyse visitor and follower statistics

We offer workshops and to help your employees understand

  • the importance of a fully optimized LinkedIn profile
  • how to leverage your LinkedIn network for research
  • how to use LinkedIn for competitor analysis
  • How to manage your LinkedIn network

Workshops are tailored for the organization.

For more information please call +44 1892 270280 or Contact Us