LinkedIn Search – part of the new LinkedIn user experience

Have you been changed over to the new LinkedIn user experience?

LinkedIn is rolling out a new user experience for all desktop users. I was changed over a couple of days ago and it all looks very different so I’m putting together a series of posts with the significant updates.

This first post covers the new top menu bar and Searching.

When you switch over you’ll probably see a notification like the one below.

What’s changed?

Pretty much everything! It’s a simpler experience which looks similar to the mobile version. Some things have gone and lots of things have been moved or have a different name.

First things first… this is what the new bar at the top of the screen looks like. Everything is now grouped together in one place.

The new search box

Search has been simplified and Advanced Search has gone and it’s a single search box.

When you click the search box you can choose filters to modify your search.

LinkedIn also has suggestions about searching (see 3 above and then you will see the box below about search operators)

The top menu bar now contains links called Home, My Network, Jobs, Messages, Notifications and Me. To the right of this is a separate area called “Business”


This takes you back to the Home Page from wherever you are in LinkedIn. Clicking on the LinkedIn icon on the top left also does this.

When you’re on the home page you can see the feed showing updates from everyone you are connected with, are following, companies you follow and LinkedIn paid adverts.

I’ll post more about the home page in a future blog post.

My network

This shows you your connections and any invitations to connect and suggestions for people you may know.


You can search for a new role here or post a vacancy yourself.


This is your Inbox and shows all messages from your connections and any InMails from other LinkedIn users.


This shows significant updates from your network such as new articles posted by your connections or by people you follow.

Plus notifications where someone mentions you or likes or comments on your posts or articles.

You can see who has viewed your profile (this depends on which version of LinkedIn you are using) and any new followers you have acquired.

You can also congratulate people within their network.


This allows you to:

  • View and edit your profile
  • Access your company and showcase pages
  • Check your privacy settings
  • Access LinkedIn help
  • Manage your Premium account
  • Manage Job postings
  • Sign out of LinkedIn


This is where you can:

  • Find your LinkedIn groups,
  • Access SlideShare,
  • Access Learning,
  • LinkedIn Advertising,
  • Upgrade to a paid version of LinkedIn
  • Access other LinkedIn services such as ProFinder and Lookup.
  • You can also create a new Company Page here.


To summarize

It’s a cleaner, simpler interface that you just need to get used to. It is easier to find everything. Personally I’ve found it a bit slower to load than the old one but nothing too significant.


I will be writing further posts about the changes to LinkedIn Articles (the longer posts that are permanently attached to your profile) and how to edit your profile.


What do you think of the new LinkedIn user experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.