4 tips on how to leverage LinkedIn

4 tips to Leverage LinkedInDo you know how to leverage LinkedIn?

Are you using LinkedIn effectively and leveraging your connections and network? There are many ways you can leverage LinkedIn and I’ve listed four here.

  1. Use your status updates
  2. Introductions
  3. Groups
  4. Research

Status Updates

Each status update is a chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and credibility. An update could include company news, something that is happening in your industry or a link to your latest blog post. Continuing the theme of positivity from my last blog post, you can also share other people’s posts or share a link to someone else’s events or news outside of LinkedIn. If you add a link to a post that you create, ensure that there is an attractive image in the blog post and it will appear in the LinkedIn update.

leverage linkedin -  status update example
I actually find that some people post too frequently and they fill up my home feed so a single daily status update is fine for most people. First thing in the morning (8.30-9am) is a good time or over lunch (12-1pm).


Did you know you can ask anyone in your network to introduce you to anyone they are connected to?

This works if the person you are asking knows you well and they are directly connected to the other person.

To ask to be introduced, open the person’s profile and click on the little dropdown arrow next to the blue Following/Connect button in the middle of the screen and then Get Introduced (see example for Barack Obama here)
leverage linkedin - asking to be introduced

If it is a more distant connection I would recommend finding out more about the person you would like to be introduced to and then possibly joining one of the same groups and demonstrating your knowledge and then sending them a connection request as you will have built a level of trust and they are more likely to accept your connection request.


Use Groups to ask and answer questions.

  • Do you need help? Ask someone in a group.
  • Can you answer a question? Or add to an answer (not just thanks for posting)

Use Groups to build common interests with potential connections (see above why this is important)


There are many ways to use LinkedIn for research, finding out about a company who could be a potential supplier or client or employer is a common one. Use the Advanced Search feature and you can choose from lots of filters to find companies that fit the profile you are searching for. (If you pay for LinkedIn you get access to extra filters)

  • How about researching a competitor to see what news they are publishing or who works for them?
  • If you are looking for a new role then you can see who you know at a particular company or if the company are using LinkedIn Jobs to recruit new employees.
  • Find potential collaborators

If you need help with in using LinkedIn effectively please see the LinkedIn training we offer.

How have you leveraged LinkedIn? Please let me know in the comments below.