IT Tip | No 1| What kind of computer do I need?

Before buying a computer for your business write out a list of  your requirements.

Some of the most common uses are listed below

  1. Word Processing – creating letters and other documents
  2. Emails – customers and suppliers
  3. Accounts – creating estimates and invoices
  4. Desktop publishing – creating newsletters

If you are already familiar with one type of computer, for example, Windows or Mac, then it is probably best to stick with the same type unless you have the time and money to learn a new system.

The computer itself does not need to be very powerful.

It is a sensible idea to plan for future requirements as well. If you know you will want to add and edit lots of photographs then you may need more disk space.

Also please think about how you will backup your documents – there’s a related post on this I did earlier.