Guest blog: Why a book should be part of ‘brand you’

boost business success with a bookIf you’re an expert in what you do, then you may have noticed that a significant number of other specialists working in your field are authors of books about their area of expertise. Not only that, they’re probably also the ones who stand out above the rest due to their high profile and superb client attraction rate.

They’ll be the people you see speaking at events, taking part in online summits and generally seeming as if they’re the bees knees.  And the thing is, they’re not necessarily better at what they do than you are: they’re just really good at promoting their ‘expert authority’ through having a book.

So why is being the author of a brilliant book so important if you’re a speaker or coach (or any other expert for that matter)?

1 Instead of seeking clients and speaking gigs, you become sought after

Imagine this: you’re discussing with an event manager the possibility of you speaking at their next event. You outline your area of expertise, including your big message and how you get it across. They seem interested, but have other options available. Then you mention your book, and their eyes light up. Why? Because being the author of a published book gives you credibility and status. The fact that you’ve got enough of importance to say to create a book, speaks volumes about you and your business.

2 Your sales can rise to a new level

I’m not talking about your book sales here, but about your business sales (much more valuable). As a published author you’re saying, ‘I know my stuff, and I’m serious about it.’ Nothing says ‘quality’ like having a book which gets across your big message in a persuasive way. Once you’re an author, you have the potential to raise your rates and attract a whole new tranche of clients.

3 You can help more people

If your one-to-one or group work helps people, that’s fantastic.  But how many more could you assist if your book was found on Amazon and other book retailers? By making your message available in this way, you’re spreading your net so much more widely than your current work can do.

4 New opportunities come your way, that would never have found you had you not got into the public eye with your book

Here’s where the magic happens. Somebody reads your book and passes it on, or recommends it to someone else. That person realises that they have need of your services, or knows someone who does. They might also sign up to your list from within your book. Before you know it, new contacts – already impressed by the fact that you have a well written and insightful book – are knocking at your door.

Of course it takes a lot of work to get to this point (writing, publishing and marketing a great book is no picnic) but that’s part of the reason people respect you for it. And those people may be your future clients and business partners.

So is having a book now a top goal of yours? I hope so. There are two main options: to have your book ghostwritten for you in your voice, or to write it yourself (preferably with the help of a book coach).  Either way will help you to achieve the expert positioning which your business needs.

About Ginny Carter – The Author Maker

Ginny Carter of Marketing Twenty One is a business book ghostwriter and book writing coach, working with speakers, coaches, experts and consultants. Specialising in ghostwriting in your voice, she also coaches aspiring authors who would love to write their own book.

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