Are you the “Go To Expert”?

Do you want to become known as an expert?

A “Thought Leader”?  The “Go To” person? The “One Who Knows”?

If so, you need to be active on LinkedIn.

Nowadays people check out your LinkedIn profile before meeting or connecting with you and your LinkedIn profile is highly likely to appear above your website in Google Search.

Does it show you as you want to be seen? Does it demonstrate your credibility and expertise? Are you connecting with the right people?



Our personalised LinkedIn VIP Day package helps you how to:

  1. Identify the areas of expertise you would like to promote
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge, skills and expertise
  3. Learn how to ‘blog’ on LinkedIn using posts.
  4. Boost your rankings in the LinkedIn search results
  5. Attract new clients
  6. Grow, manage and leverage your LinkedIn network
  7. Give and get recommendations
  8. Find potential collaborators

All of this is done via Skype.

Demonstrating Thought Leadership on LinkedIn is one of the ways in which you can boost your credibility as a Go To Expert.

“The VIP day worked well as it allowed us plenty of time to crack my toughest challenges but to also get lots of improvements made within the timeframe we had.

I no longer have to hide! After avoiding contacting people due to my out of date profile I feel far more confident about what people will find if they choose to research me online.


Emma managed to get me further along with how I’m using LinkedIn in one session than I have managed in the last eighteen months. I really appreciated the clarity Emma bought to a number of areas I had been struggling with, as well as showing me further ways to use

LinkedIn to make better use of my connections and existing content.”

Kate Cremin, London

To book your personalised Go To Expert VIP Day please ring 01892 270280 to arrange a mutually convenient date.