Effective LinkedIn | How to send a Targeted Company Status Update in LinkedIn

Did you know LinkedIn has recently changed the way it is setup? This blog post shows you how to send a targeted company status update to a selection of your company followers. This means you can choose (using filters) which of your followers receive a particular update.

To do this you need to set yourself up as one of the administrators of your company page (you may think you are already an administrator if you can edit it but LinkedIn want you to be a Designated User for this)

Click on your Company Name and this should load your company page.

On the Company Page, Click on Admin Tools and then Edit.

linkedin company page status update







You will be presented with the following:

linkedin company status designated user






Click the Designated Users only button and then type your name into the box below it.

linkedin company status showing chosen user









Click on Publish to save and LinkedIn will send an email to the person appointed as a Designated User (you in this case) to confirm this.

linkedin company page status update box







You should now see a Status Update box

You can choose to post an update that is visible to all your followers or if you click on All followers you can choose a target audience and then refine which of your followers should receive the update.

linkedin targetted audience option






You can choose from Company Size, Industry, Function, Seniority and Geography to filter your audience.