Effective LinkedIn | How and who to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile adds credibility to your online and offline presence whether you are looking for a new job or for new clients. An extremely important part of this is having recommendations to demonstrate your expertise.  This article shows you how (and who) to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the 12th most popular website in the world today with 2 new people joining every second and over 175 million users worldwide. (Thanks to Business Insider for these statistics. If you want to read the whole article it is available here).  I was recently at a local networking meeting and one of the people I met said he went to Manchester for a meeting with a potential client and they had printed out a copy of his LinkedIn public profile and had it in front of them at the meeting (he had also printed a copy of the client’s profile).  It is becoming increasingly common to hear this story. If you want to know how to print a copy of your or someone else’s LinkedIn profile take a look at this blog post)

Your public profile contains your working history, skills, experience and recommendations.

Why have recommendations?

A recommendation gives a brief description (as that is all it needs to be) of how you performed when doing a particular role or providing a service to someone.

It shows your potential clients or new employers that you are:

  • Professional
  • Competent
  • Worth employing


Who to ask for a recommendation?

If you are employed: Your boss (current and previous), colleagues and suppliers. For example if you have worked on a project you could ask the Project Manager or the Project Sponsor.

If you run your own business providing services to others: your existing clients and suppliers.


Requesting a recommendation

The easiest way to do this is to click on Profile and then Recommendations and then Request Recommendation.







Choose which job (add the role if it is not already on your profile), Type the name of the person you are sending it to and then personalise the message itself.

I recommend highlighting the areas you wish to be recommended for (e.g. I am updating my LinkedIn profile and it would be really helpful if you could provide a recommendation for me when I worked on x project with (or for) you at x company in x year) rather than the bland default given.

If someone send you back a recommendation and it isn’t quite right then it is fine to go back to them and ask them to revise it for you.

Be generous and give recommendations to others especially when you have received good service from them or they have particularly impressed you.

Who do you know who could give you a good recommendation that you would be proud to display? Why not comment below?

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