Client Testimonials

Some of our recent client testimonials


“The VIP day worked well as it allowed us plenty of time to crack my toughest challenges but to also get lots of improvements made within the timeframe we had.

I no longer have to hide! After avoiding contacting people due to my out of date profile I feel far more confident about what people will find if they choose to research me online.

Emma managed to get me further along with how I’m using LinkedIn in one session than I have managed in the last eighteen months. I really appreciated the clarity Emma bought to a number of areas I had been struggling with, as well as showing me further ways to use

LinkedIn to make better use of my connections and existing content.”


Kate Cremin | Marketing and Strategy Consultant specialising in unconventional businesses with big personalities


“LinkedIn is a very powerful and helpful business tool, but it can also seem like a mountain to climb when you realize you need to get to grips with it and learn how to make it work for you.  Sometimes, like I did, you put it on the back burner in the “to do when I have time” list, but the time never arrives. Enter Emma Cox with all her wisdom, enthusiasm and knowledge about LinkedIn.


I spent a whole day on one of Emma’s LinkedIn Go –To – Expert VIP Training days.


We worked via Skype on a shared screen and Emma really helped me understand how it all works and how I can get the most out of it as a business tool.


I did all my own inputting, just following Emma’s direction via a shared screen, so I am much more likely to remember how things are done. We covered everything from updating my profile to how and where to write posts and how to ask for recommendations and referrals, plus all of the other stuff in-between.



Emma breaks the work into bite size chunks so what was overwhelming becomes easy and even, may I say it …FUN!  She has a really honest down to earth approach and will tell you what will work and what won’t and where you need to adjust certain aspects of your profile to leverage the best results.


Excellent investment of time and money and highly recommended.”



Aly Harrold Award winning national speaker | public speaking coach | confidence building and personal development



“Emma came to my CEO group and gave a brief but insightful presentation into an area most found utterly confusing- namely LinkedIn. She brought understanding and clarity in equal measure. A really worthwhile session.”  Chris Hughes – Business Coach/ Mentor/ Speaker. Leadership, Change, Brand, Marketing and Value Proposition specialist


“In a very short space of time, Emma helped me to better understand, manage and leverage LinkedIn for myself, my business and my own clients. Emma not only masters this social media tool (and endless others), she empowers her clients to understand and move forward effortlessly. Emma is an absolute pleasure to work with, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Abigail Bruce – International marketing and brand communications specialist helping businesses communicate effectively across borders


“Emma spent a couple of hours training LinkedIn with a very mixed team of people – some of whom had quite a lot of understanding and some who were ‘at the beginning of the journey’; all however, were verbose and opinionated and I have to say that she managed the potentially tricky dynamic effectively. Her advice, suggestions and instructions are clear and well articulated; she knows her subject very well and she has plenty of patience” Sue Redden – Employer Brand Strategy and Communications; Co-owner of The Rare Skills Set Limited


“Emma is a superb LinkedIn trainer – calm, patient and very knowledgeable, Thank you for an excellent seminar.” Mary Powell


“Emma is a highly skilled LinkedIn trainer. Social media can be daunting however Emma explains and demonstrates it in very user friendly language which I have found extremely helpful.” Wendy Nash


I have recently started to use Emma’s services, and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their online presence, she is thoroughly professional, has tremendous patience and a great eye to strategic direction. Derek Taylor  – Information & Data Security Consultant | Records and Data Management


“Emma was able to bring a fresh and energetic approach to our recent LinkedIn training session. Emma’s wealth of experience and subject knowledge regarding LinkedIn allowed for a constant flow of ideas and practical solutions. Very happy with the preliminary results and I look forward to future consultation from Emma for future fine-tuning and additional ideas.”   Mark Rousell


“Emma was able to tailor LinkedIn training to meet my specific needs and her delivery of the session was excellent. Emma is patient and calm, explaining everything in a easy to follow manner. I really enjoyed learning LinkedIn with Emma and would happily recommend Emma’s LinkedIn training services.” Michaela Partridge



“I recently had a one to one with Emma, who opened my eyes to the ways in which LinkedIn could build my business. I was missing a trick by not utilising it properly. After two hours, my profile was greatly enhanced and I was full of ideas. Emma is patient and great at explaining things.” Patricia Matthewman – 11Plus Academy


 “I recently had a Skype based personalised LinkedIn training session with Emma. She explained everything clearly and guided me through updating and managing my profile so I now have a profile that shows my skills and experience. I know how to use LinkedIn effectively to connect with others and make use of groups and answers and I look forward to using LinkedIn to help me find more clients and potential collaborations in the future.” Brian Johnstone – The Financial  Management Centre


“Emma provided invaluable training on LinkedIn, to enable me to use it features to promote myself and my business to best advantage, As a result of her training, I am far more comfortable generally with Social Media. She provided clear, comprehensive and very useful tips and instruction on all features of LinkedIn. I would recommend Emma’s services.” Kate Lawson – Element Law