Changes to LinkedIn Groups and more…

What’s happening with LinkedIn groups?


LinkedIn Groups now in your home feed

LinkedIn emailed (and messaged me) recently to inform me that as a “expert user” they are giving me advance notice of changes to LinkedIn groups.

The changes announces are two-fold:

Groups are being integrated back into your home feed and into Notifications


You’ll be able to post videos into your groups, @mention the members you want to weigh in, and keep the conversation going by replying to comments.

Group updates will appear with everything else in the Notifications.


The mobile app for LinkedIn Groups is being retired

They are simplifying the use of LinkedIn on Apple based mobile devices and there will no longer be a separate app for LinkedIn groups. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever used the mobile app for Groups on my phone.


These should not affect membership or management of groups other than looking for updates in a different place.

This change will be taking place from 15 February 2018 and it’s likely there will be several more changes announced in the coming weeks.

If you are a group admin then LinkedIn should be letting you know what’s happening directly.


Managing your notifications on LinkedIn

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