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LinkedIn Statistics 2014

LinkedIn recently published their 2nd quarter 2014 financial statistics which make for interesting reading.

LinkedIn’s Q2 2014 Earnings (from the Official LinkedIn Blog)

$543 million in revenue – an increase of 47% compared to $364 million in the second quarter of 2013.

  • 60% of income is from Talent Solutions (the paid for LinkedIn recruitment packages)
  • 20% is from Marketing (LinkedIn advertising)
  • 20% is from Premium subscriptions

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Save Favourite Tweets to Evernote

IFTTT Twitter


Twitter is a great resource but sometimes it can be difficult to find information from a while ago. You can Favourite a Tweet so it becomes an online filing system.

Have you ever wanted to save Favourite tweets so you can find them easily?

A recent blog post from Evernote alerted me to an easy way to do this. All you need is an Evernote account and an IFTTT account.

You may not have heard of IFTTT which stands for “if not this then that”. This is a simple tool to join two systems together. In this case I have chosen Evernote as it is one of my essential business tools for keeping random and not so random information well organized.

Step 1 – Setup your Evernote Account

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account.
  2. Confirm your email address

Evernote works by saving emails, clipping webpages, audio files and lots more in easy to search notes which in turn are saved within notebooks. Each note is ‘tagged’ with one or more labels which you use to find it afterwards. It’s great for projects, planning events, writing books and lots more but this post isn’t actually about Evernote so onto the next step.

Step 2 – Setup your IFTTT Account

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Login to IFTTT

Step 3 – Connect Evernote and ITFFF

  1. Choose Channels
  2. Click on Evernote
  3. Click on Activate
  4. Grant Access
  5. You will receive a confirmation email that Evernote has allowed IFTTT to access your account

Step 4 – Create your IFTTT ‘recipe’ to save your favourite tweets

Using IFTTT this is really easy (it took me less than 5 minutes to setup my first recipe and that included connecting Evernote and Twitter)

  • Choose Create a Recipe or New personal recipe
  • Click on this (in blue) within IFTTT
  • Click on Choose Trigger and choose Twitter
  • Authorise Twitter (if not already done)
  • Click on that (in blue) within IFTTT
  • Click on Choose Trigger and choose Evernote
  • Authorise Evernote (if not already done)
  • Click on New Favorite Tweet by You
  • Say where to save the tweets (Choose a New Note or Append to a Note – I think the latter is better as everything is saved in one place)
  • Create Action when done
  • Finally click on Create Recipe
  • Test it by favouriting a tweet (and wait for around 20-30 minutes to allow for synchronization) and then check your notebook in Evernote to see it is there.

You’re done! You now know how to save favourite tweets to Evernote using IFTTT.

Your recipe should look something like this (it depends on what you called your Evernote notebook) and this is what it looks like in Evernote below.

IFTTT Recipe

IFTTT Recipe


The result in Evernote

The result in Evernote














Please share your experiences of using IFTTT with us below

LinkedIn mobile app for iPad – worth a look?

The LinkedIn mobile app has been updated recently and is much improved. It is available as an App on the iPad, for iPhone and Android phones (and Blackberry for anyone who is still using them). There’s also an option called Pulse which gives a personalised news feed.

I recommend taking a look to see how you can use it to keep in touch when you are out and about.

New LinkedIn mobile app interface – iPad

The LinkedIn mobile app has been completely updated and is much easier to use and navigate.

I personally use it regularly on my iPad and wanted to mention some of the updates here.

Quick tip: To take these screenshot photos on my iPad I held down the Home button and then the power button and it makes a click and saves the image in the Camera Roll. You can send up to 5 photos on a single email to yourself afterwards. I then edited them in SnagIt which is available for both PC and Macs.

New Navigation bar

linkedin mobile app navigation barThere is now a new navigation bar across the top of the screen. This allows quick access to

  • Home – see the latest updates from your connections
  • Profile – to view your profile (note you cannot edit your profile from the mobile version)
  • Groups – to access your groups
  • Influencers – to view posts from any Influencers you have subscribed to
  • Companies – to view any of the companies you are following
  • Who’s viewed you – to see who has looked at your profile recently
  • Connections – gives access to all your connections
  • People you may know – LinkedIn’s suggestions for people you may want to connect with
  • Jobs – Useful if you are looking for a new role
  • Channels – this is linked to the Influencers above

linkedin mobile app  iconsYou get the same three icons top right for Messages, Notifications and to access your settings (under your photograph) as in the desktop version of LinkedIn.


This shows my LinkedIn profile

linkedin mobile app profile view


This one shows some of my LinkedIn connections

linkedin mobile app connections view


It is a cleaner looking interface now and in general I like it. I really wish they would add the ability to edit my profile (apparently this is under consideration).

Have you tried using  the new LinkedIn mobile app yet? What do you like/dislike about it?  Please add your comments below.


Adding a Twitter app to your Facebook page

Twitter appDo you want to add a Twitter app to your Facebook page? It’s easy (and free!) using Woobox and takes around 15 minutes to do.


Simple steps

  • Sign up for a free Woobox account
  • Give access to your Facebook account and your fanpage(s)
  • Create the app
  • Personalise it
  • You’re done!


Sign up for Woobox

Sign up on the Woobox page. It will ask you to login via Facebook.


Give access to your Facebook account and fanpage(s)

Follow the prompts to grant access to your Facebook account and page(s).


Create a Twitter app

add twitter app - woodbox static tabs Click on Static apps and you will see several icons for the different social media channels below

Click on the Twitter one to select it.



Add your Twitter details

add twitter app - woodbox add twitter detailsAdd your Twitter name to the box.

Choose whether to show any @ replies and your background image

Choose to connect with Twitter to update the app more frequently (I recommend doing this).







Twitter app results

The Twitter app has been successfully created. It will appear next to the Likes button in the middle of your fanpage. Click on the Twitter icon and you will see a screen similar to this.

Twitter app showing tweets

You can also easily add Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram apps. In addition you can create your own apps to get people to sign up to your email newsletter for example.

If you are just getting started and have under 100 fans then you can sign up for the $1/month plan and run one promotion a month (eg a Facebook contest) on your page and 1000 fans is $15/month.  The free plan allows you to have unlimited static tabs.

How can you use this to help your business?

Effective LinkedIn ¦ What is a LinkedIn Endorsement?

What is a LinkedIn endorsement?

LinkedIn endorsements are a new feature released over the last month or so and this article gives you some background information on what they are and how they work. Every time you look at a profile on LinkedIn nowadays a box appears and asks whether you want to endorse the person for a particular skill.

  • An endorsement is a quick way to endorse a particular skill rather than spending time crafting a recommendation.
  • Any endorsements you receive then appear in your status updates and LinkedIn notify you via email.
  • Anyone can suggest a skill and endorse you for it and you can choose whether or not to display it

How do I endorse someone?

endorsements for sliderIt is simple to endorse someone and LinkedIn actively promotes endorsements by displaying a ‘Does this person have this skills?’ box at the top of the screen and suggests skills to endorse.

The easiest way to endorse someone is to go to Skills & Expertise on their public profile and click on the + symbol next to the skill you wish to endorse. Your LinkedIn profile photo will then appear next to that skill to show you have endorsed them (if it is a recognised skill) and if you hover over the skill LinkedIn will tell you how popular it is. Or you can use the suggestions LinkedIn provides and click on the suggestions.

Although search does not include endorsements of a skill at present I believe that LinkedIn will be adding this feature in future so if someone had more endorsements they would appear higher in the results list.

Why should I endorse someone?

  • If you endorse someone then your profile photograph appears next to the endorsement and anyone who hovers over this picture will see more information about you so it’s another way to promote yourself.
  • Most people will reciprocate.

Why should I have endorsements on my profile?

  • It’s another way to demonstrate your expertise. The higher the number next to the endorsement means that people really believe you an expert in that particular skill.
  • Everyone is doing it so you don’t want to be left out!
Some points to note:
  1. You need to have Skills and Expertise showing on your profile.
  2. You do not have to accept endorsements (For some reason LinkedIn keeps suggesting MS Project is one of my skills and lots of people keep endorsing me. Whilst this is something I have done in the past, I do not wish to attract new clients for this so I have chosen to hide the skill so that is is not displayed otherwise it would have become my top skill. I have asked LinkedIn if they can stop suggesting it to other people but they tell me that they will suggest it to the developers and it ‘may’ happen ‘at some point’. So I keep ignoring the suggestions)
  3. You do not have any control over the order in which they are displayed other than the popularity of the endorsement.
  4. You can choose to delete an endorsement but once deleted it cannot be added again tThis does not apply to a skill simply the individual endorsement)
If you would like to know more about endorsements or how to use LinkedIn effectively then I run personalised training courses and workshops. Please contact me for further details.
I would love to hear how you are using endorsements so feel free to add some comments below.

Following Thought Leaders on LinkedIn

LinkedIn have announced that you can now ‘Follow’ 150 ‘Thought Leaders’ including Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, James Caan and Barack Obama and receive their updates in your home page stream. They are all listed in this post. Simply click on the + Follow button below each photograph.

You can see I have selected to follow Richard Branson in the image below.

In future the + Follow button will be added to all LinkedIn users.

Who would you like to follow? I welcome your comments below?

LinkedIn Thought Leaders

Effective LinkedIn | How to use tags to organise your contacts in LinkedIn

This post will show you how to use tags to organise your contacts in LinkedIn.

Did you know you can create your own tags for your contacts in LinkedIn? And that a contact can have multiple tags?

It’s easy to do and will help you manage your contacts and communicate better with your connections.

Connecting with a new contact

When you first connect with somebody on LinkedIn you are asked how you know them:

  • Colleague
  • Classmate
  • We’ve done business together
  • Friend
  • Other
  • I don’t know John

Whichever option you choose then becomes the tag associated with your new contact.

Editing the tag

Click on Contacts | Connections and a list of your contacts will be displayed. You will see a list of your current tags on the left hand side. The video shows you how to add and remove a tag.

To add a new tag

Click on Manage tags (next to the list of current tags) and you can then add a new one by entering the name and clicking on Add New Tag and Finished when done.










You can then send an update to a selection of your contacts using one or more tags by clicking on the Send Message option which appears once you have selected a contact





How could you setup your tags in LinkedIn? Send me a comment below

If you would like to know more Cox Consultancy run personalised LinkedIn training courses to help you use it effectively and to win business for your company.


Effective LinkedIn | How to export your LinkedIn contacts

Have you ever wondered how to export your LinkedIn contacts? It’s useful to have a backup of all your contacts or you may want to email them outside of LinkedIn.

When you export them you have the first name, last name, email address, current company and job title.

It’s simple to do and I show you how in the video below.

More LinkedIn videos are on the Cox Consultancy You Tube channel.

How have you used your exported contacts? Why not comment below?

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