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Bulk scheduling posts with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile tool that you can use to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and lots of other social media networks.

Scheduling posts with Hootsuite

Scheduling posts with Hootsuite is one of the functions that most users are unaware of. This can be really useful as it allows you to use your time efficiently by creating several posts at one time and then scheduling them to be published at intervals. For example, you could create four posts and schedule them to go out once a week on a particular day at a particular time over a four week period. So Tuesday 2, 9, 16 and 23 October at 11am.

Hootsuite allows you to upload a spreadsheet with up to 350 posts and these will then be scheduled automatically and will appear in the Publisher tab.

This is known as Bulk Scheduling

Before you create your spreadsheet  you need to be aware of the following

  • You can only schedule one post per time slot
  • Each time slot is 10 minutes
  • Each time slot has to end in 5 or 0
  • Each file can only upload to one profile at a time.
  • A maximum of 350 posts can be scheduled across all your profiles


 Create your spreadsheet

  1. In Excel or similar create a spreadsheet with two columns.
  2. The first column should contain the date and time.
  3. The second should contain your post
  4. The example below uses Twitter and shows a daily post at 12pm with a different LinkedIn tip in each one.
Scheduling posts with hootsuite - create your spreadsheet

Create your spreadsheet





  1. Column A – Add date/time and put ” ” around it
  2. Column B – Add post  and put ” ” around it
  3. Save As .CSV type
  4. Accept any error messages about file types as you only want to save the sheet you have created
  5. Note the location of the spreadsheet


Choose your upload options

  1. Within Hootsuite click on the paper dart (Publisher) tab
  2. Click on Schedule in Bulk


Scheduling posts with hootsuite - hootsuite publisher








  1. Next choose your file
  2. Choose your date format
  3. Choose which profile to upload to
  4. Click on submit once done

Scheduling posts with hootsuite - bulk scheduling options










The results

You should then see something similar to the image below. Each post can be edited individually (click on the pencil on the right of your screen) if you notice any mistakes.

scheduling posts with Hootsuite - the results







That’s all there is to it. An easy way to schedule posts for the next week or month or so.

What do you schedule on Hootsuite?