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Adding a Twitter app to your Facebook page

Twitter appDo you want to add a Twitter app to your Facebook page? It’s easy (and free!) using Woobox and takes around 15 minutes to do.


Simple steps

  • Sign up for a free Woobox account
  • Give access to your Facebook account and your fanpage(s)
  • Create the app
  • Personalise it
  • You’re done!


Sign up for Woobox

Sign up on the Woobox page. It will ask you to login via Facebook.


Give access to your Facebook account and fanpage(s)

Follow the prompts to grant access to your Facebook account and page(s).


Create a Twitter app

add twitter app - woodbox static tabs Click on Static apps and you will see several icons for the different social media channels below

Click on the Twitter one to select it.



Add your Twitter details

add twitter app - woodbox add twitter detailsAdd your Twitter name to the box.

Choose whether to show any @ replies and your background image

Choose to connect with Twitter to update the app more frequently (I recommend doing this).







Twitter app results

The Twitter app has been successfully created. It will appear next to the Likes button in the middle of your fanpage. Click on the Twitter icon and you will see a screen similar to this.

Twitter app showing tweets

You can also easily add Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram apps. In addition you can create your own apps to get people to sign up to your email newsletter for example.

If you are just getting started and have under 100 fans then you can sign up for the $1/month plan and run one promotion a month (eg a Facebook contest) on your page and 1000 fans is $15/month.  The free plan allows you to have unlimited static tabs.

How can you use this to help your business?