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2 Lessons from LinkedIn Power User Profiles

2 tips from LinkedIn Power Users

LinkedIn Power Profiles

I noticed recently that LinkedIn have quietly produced a short list of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles in each country of the world. They are known as Power Profiles.

To view the most popular profiles in the UK use this link and if you’re not in the UK replace the ‘uk’ on the end with your country’s initials e.g. ‘sg’ for Singapore.

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Guest blog: Why a book should be part of ‘brand you’

boost business success with a book

boost business success with a bookIf you’re an expert in what you do, then you may have noticed that a significant number of other specialists working in your field are authors of books about their area of expertise. Not only that, they’re probably also the ones who stand out above the rest due to their high profile and superb client attraction rate.

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