Backups – Part 1

Sooner or later you will encounter a problem where either your computer dies, you spill a drink on it or you simply cannot find a document that you know you created a few weeks ago but it just isn’t there. It’s at a time like this that you need to have a backup and preferably more than one.

Fact – Backing up needn’t be complicated.

You can manually copy and paste the documents you need so they are stored on a different computer, for example, on an external hard drive. Or you can use an external usb stick. Even better you can have them backing up automatically via the internet. But the best of option of all is for it to be done automatically in the background every time you change a file.

I have found the following system works for me.

An external hard drive connected directly to my computer and I use software from a company called Memeo. This does a one off backup of all the documents you tell it to and thence forward it recognises when a document has been changed in the same folder(s) and adds it automatically to the backup. I don’t need to do anything to this. If I want to then retrieve any of the files I just go to the folder on the backup disk and get it from there.

Check out Memeo (or other backup software). I paid$49.95 for this one but there are other free ones such as Fbackup.

Purchase an external hard drive. These are available pretty much anywhere and you can get a 1TB one for around £60.

Further details are available on our website.