Attracting clients on LinkedIn

attracting clients

Who do you want to attract on LinkedIn?

With over 400+ million people on LinkedIn now and 2 people joining every second LinkedIn is a massive pool of potential. But potential what?

When using LinkedIn you need to think strategically. You need to set goals and part of those goals needs to be ‘who’ you are attracting and connecting with.

So before you use LinkedIn think:

  • What services do you have that could help your potential clients.
  • What clients do you want?
  • Do you want to attract collaborators?
  • Or source paid speaking engagements?
  • Or something else?

Each of these will be a different type of engagement with a different type of person.

Your ideal client

To communicate effectively with someone you need to know:

  • Who they are
  • Why you are communicating with them
  • What you are going to say to them

Who they are

Creating an ‘avatar’ or client profile will help you to bring them to life.  Think about who the person is and what makes them your ideal client. The more descriptive the better.

It is helpful to have some demographic information, age, marital status, where they live/work, what they like doing etc. together with a description of the problem you are solving for them. So a description might be:

“A married woman aged 35-55 successfully running her own entrepreneurial business for at least 2 years, with teenage children, time poor, wants to reach more potential clients with less effort. She needs to do more marketing but isn’t sure how to do it, has money to spend and believes in paying for good quality.  Shops at Waitrose/M&S and living and working in Kent or London.”

Once you have written something similar for your potential client with more details, I suggest printing it and putting it near your computer so you are ‘talking’ to this person whenever you are writing an update or post on LinkedIn.

Communicating with them

Your LinkedIn profile communicates with people 24/7 so ensure it says the right things.

On top of this, think about any updates, comments or posts and remember it’s about giving reassurance that you understand their problems and can offer a solution and that you have done this for other people already.  Offer social proof wherever possible and get LinkedIn Recommendations from your existing happy clients.

Attracting clients with keywords on LinkedIn

When writing your LinkedIn profile remember to include the keywords that show you are solving your client problems. These should be part of your skills and appear in your summary and headline. For example,

This is the first part of my LinkedIn summary with keywords highlighted in purple. These are also in my skills.

“Do you struggle to use social media effectively?

I solve this.

I do this by helping you identify your ideal clients, their online location and show you how to engage with them using LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels.”

Remember to include

  • What do they want from you? (a solution which solves their problem)
  • How are you helping them? (what are the benefits to them)
  • What problem are you solving for them? (saving time, improving knowledge)
  • How do you make them feel? (reassured, less stressed)

Plan your updates and blog posts so you are following a strategy that ensures you reach your LinkedIn goals.

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If you’d like assistance with identifying, finding and communicating with your ideal clients please contact us.