All you need to know about LinkedIn Recommendations

With the recent, significant changes to LinkedIn and the rollout of the new LinkedIn user experience I’ve put together this post to explaining all about LinkedIn recommendations.

Why should you ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn recommendation = social proof

LinkedIn recommendations give you credibility as it is better when someone else says you are good at doing something rather than ‘blowing your own trumpet’.

A recommendation gives the viewer reassurance that what you say in your profile is true.

It takes time to write a recommendation so you know that the person who has written it thinks the person they are recommending is worth spending time on.

If the viewer knows the person who recommended you they may ask that person more about you before coming to you.

How many recommendations should I have?

I suggest getting one on each of your older roles and as many as possible on your current role.

Make asking for a recommendation part of your business processes.

When you’re working with a client or on a project and you feel that you have done something that warrants a recommendation then ask for it.

Do this regularly with everyone that you work with and this really helps with positioning you as an expert in what you do.

How do you ask for a recommendation?

I’ve recorded a short video showing you exactly how you ask for a recommendation

What if they don’t respond to my recommendation request?

If they don’t respond to your request within a couple of weeks it is fine to send a reminder.

I’ve recorded another short video here showing you how to remind someone of the recommendation request.

What if they’ve sent something through that isn’t right or useful?

I’ve had blank requests or ones that say “Emma did a good job”. Neither are useful to me. In this case I can go back to the person who sent the request and request an update.

You can also ask for an updated recommendation when you’ve done more than one project/job for someone.

The process is similar for both situations.

Can I give someone else a recommendation?

Yes it’s great to recommend other people and they may recommend you in return.

To recommend someone, view their profile and click on the three dots and choose Recommend “x name” and fill out the form.


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