5 tips for managing your LinkedIn contacts

5 tips for managing your linkedin contacts (1)

Your LinkedIn network needs management to ensure it is easy to find and communicate with your LinkedIn contacts.

LinkedIn have added some handy little tools so you can add extra details to someone’s profile and only you can see them.

All of these are accessible from the Relationship option when you view someone’s profile. This is found just below your contact’s photograph.

linkedin relationship

I highly recommend adding details of how you met and a tag as soon as you are connected with them.

1 How you met

It’s useful to know how you met someone. If you do a lot of networking like I do then I like to add details of the meeting and anything particular I have discussed with them. It makes recalling a person a lot easier in future. How, when and where did you meet them?

2 Who introduced you?

The second part of this tool is the who introduced you field.

This will only work if the person is on LinkedIn. Personally I have found this rather buggy as it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. You need to let LinkedIn find the person so start typing the name into the box and let LinkedIn auto-complete it. If LinkedIn finds the person it will add their photograph to the box (if they have one on their profile).

how you met - linkedin example

3 Tag your contacts

LinkedIn allows you to create your own tags – I recommend something like clients, potential clients, suppliers, different networking groups, potential collaborators, collaboration, specific workplaces (if you have a lot of contacts there), projects etc.

I also have one for ‘they connected with me’ where I have had connection requests from people I don’t know on LinkedIn.

It’s simple to tag someone, click on the tag option, add a new tag and save.

linkedin tags2

4 Reminders

Add a reminder if you need to contact someone in future and LinkedIn will send you an email.

Reminders appear at the top of your contacts and you can mark them as complete without opening the person’s profile.

linkedin reminders

5 Notes

You can add multiple personal notes to someone’s profile. These notes are only visible to you.

linkedin notes


Have you found this useful for managing your contacts?

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