5 Reasons why you should be using LinkedIn Slideshare

What is LinkedIn Slideshare?

SlideShare is a place to share attractive presentations online. These can be from PowerPoint or Keynote for the Mac and contain photos, videos, audio and other formats. PDF files can also be uploaded.

LinkedIn purchased SlideShare in 2012 and since then it has gradually been integrating SlideShare more closely with LinkedIn. Each has its own separate audience so publishing on SlideShare will reach people there and if you link it to your LinkedIn profile you can share your presentations on LinkedIn too.

SlideShare is a great addition to anyone’s LinkedIn profile. It makes your profile look more visually attractive as well as grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Read on to find out why you should be using Slideshare.

1 Reach more people

Slideshare has an audience of 70 million people. This is separate from your existing LinkedIn network.

People can follow you on SlideShare and be notified of new presentations you create or upload. Aside from this your presentations are searchable and therefore visible to anyone on Slideshare.

So creating a presentation on SlideShare gives you one audience, adding that Slideshare to your LinkedIn profile shares it with thousands or millions (depending upon the size of your network) more on LinkedIn.

I have created five short SlideShares so far. In the image below the statistics show the size of three of my SlideShares and the number of views, likes and downloads.

LinkedIn SlideShare stats

And my first slideshare has had lots of views

LinkedIn SlideShare stats2

I have just created and uploaded another presentation http://www.slideshare.net/emmacox/5-tips-to-boost-your-linkedin-presence so I will check the statistics over the next few weeks.

Update: After 24 hours I have had 25 views of my new SlideShare (I sent out an email newsletter mentioning it) and 53 views of all my SlideShares during this period. So the additional benefits are to overall visibility and other things you may have already shared on SlideShare.


2 Demonstrate expertise

Share industry knowledge, how to tips, an instructional video or put a copy of an existing presentation onto SlideShare. Anything you think that your audience would be interested in seeing.

3 Enhance your LinkedIn profile

Share your SlideShares on LinkedIn and it makes your profile look more attractive visually, reinforces your brand and gives you the opportunity to share more information with your network. The image below shows two of the SlideShares I created a while ago that still get lots of views (see the statistics in point 1 above). These have my branded colours, logo and contain an eye-catching headline.

LinkedIn SlideShare image

4 It’s simple to setup and use

Go to www.slideshare.net and sign up for an account. Choose the “Connect with LinkedIn” option to sign up and it will pre-populate your SlideShare account with your LinkedIn details.

Create a short presentation in PowerPoint or similar.

Upload this file to your SlideShare account and add a description and tags. It will give you a discoverability score which increases the more information you put on there. I put a title, 2 tags and a 35 word description which gave me a 100% discovery score.

LinkedIn SlideShare upload


Once published, SlideShare automatically puts a transcript below of any words in the presentation.

NB – I noticed that the image quality was poor when I uploaded my file. Ensure you have not compressed images in the original presentation. I redid mine and then re-uploaded it to overwrite the original.

Or use the built in Haiku Deck to create a presentation.

The Creator’s Hub contains lots of helpful advice.

Quick Tip: Ensure the first slide is eye-catching as this is what will be seen when attached to your LinkedIn profile.

Hubspot offer a free guide to using Slideshare.

5 Share items publicly or privately

You can choose who you share your presentations with. Create one for use internally within your organization or whoever you want to share it with or share your creation with everyone on SlideShare.

LinkedIn SlideShare privacy settings

Bonus Tip 1

Add your SlideShare link to your email signature to encourage new followers.

Bonus Tip 2

You can now clip and save slides to view later. Read more in the SlideShare blog post introducing Clipping here.


Have you used SlideShare? Have you had lots of views and downloads? Let me know in the comments below.