2 Lessons from LinkedIn Power User Profiles

2 tips from LinkedIn Power Users

LinkedIn Power Profiles

I noticed recently that LinkedIn have quietly produced a short list of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles in each country of the world. They are known as Power Profiles.

To view the most popular profiles in the UK use this link https://lists.linkedin.com/power-profiles/uk and if you’re not in the UK replace the ‘uk’ on the end with your country’s initials e.g. ‘sg’ for Singapore.

It has been split into 6 different areas – Leaders, Technology, HR, Finance, Marketing and Advertising and Students. Students didn’t work when I clicked on it.

I thought it would be beneficial to point out what’s special about some of their profiles and use of LinkedIn and how you can use this to improve your LinkedIn results.

The first Leader is Richard Branson

Now looking at his profile, it’s really bare, there’s nothing to it at all. Just stating he’s worked for Virgin for over 47 years and links to his Twitter account and to his blog.

He doesn’t actually need to put anything on here. I’m not advising this for everyone but when you are a billionaire then you’re not really looking to attract new business via LinkedIn.

What Richard is doing very well is demonstrating Thought Leadership via posts. He is one of the most followed people on LinkedIn with 8,317,741 followers as I write this article.

The article with a title of “You can’t fake Personality, Passion or Purpose” caught my eye.

When I clicked on this it says it is part of a “sharing hiring secrets” series on LinkedIn that anyone can join by adding #HowIHire into their post.

The title is great, it has good photos and it’s relatively short and easy to read and there are only two main points. It has had lots of views and interactions.

richard branson post

The second Leader is James Caan

James’s profile is really good.

He’s looking to attract people who want him to invest in their companies.

He has an attractive photo, headline, cover photo and a summary with links to books and videos some free, some paid. You can download a book to help with job hunting or get business advice by getting his free app.

He’s actively giving away free content both in his profile and in his posts.

There’s a lot of detail in his profile, partnerships, job roles, skills and expertise with endorsements, honors and awards, publications, organizations and recommendations.

In one of his publications he talks about “how to become your own Dragon” which links to the BBC programme he is well known for.

He also posts regularly on LinkedIn and has 237 posts to date, roughly one per week covering the two subjects he is known for – recruitment and entrepreneurship.

James Caan LinkedIn power profile

What do you think of their profiles? Are there elements you can use in your own profile? Please let me know in the comments below.

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