Welcome to Cox Consultancy

  • Are you getting the results you want from your social media?
  • Is your social media strategy aligned with your business goals?

If not, you could be wasting valuable time sending messages that aren’t being read.

At Cox Consultancy, we specialize in helping you get the results you want from your social media:

  • Setup or update your social media strategy so it aligns with your business goals.
  • Providing personalized training on how to use social media whether you are an individual or a larger business.
  • Raise awareness of your business/brand online
  • Attract new customers
  • Demonstrate your expertise

We help you:

  • Identify your ideal clients
  • Work out what social media channels your clients use and where they go when online
  • Set goals for social media that are aligned with your business plan
  • Setup relevant profiles for you and your staff on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as appropriate
  • By personalising social media training sessions and workshops to help you reach your social media goals in the most efficient way
  • Plan what to say to your clients
  • Schedule your updates using recommended tools
  • Recommend people to post on your behalf if you are too busy (if you don’t want to do this yourself we can recommend people who get to know you and who can post ‘in your company’s voice and personality’)
  • Monitor the success of your posts to ensure you are reaching your social media goals
  • By acting as a mentor who you can trust to guide you along the way

This all starts with a ‘brainstorming session’ so you know what you want to achieve with social media.

To find out more please contact us or ring 01892 270280 for your free 15 minute consultation.

“Helping you get the results you want from your social media”

Cox Consultancy is an independent social media and IT training consultancy based in Kent, UK.